The Tiffanie Event Planner Experience consists of coach-led lessons, mentoring, shadow experiences, and development tasks geared towards increasing your personal and professional competencies.

Introducing: The Tiffanie Event Planner Experience

#BDB :)


Stacey-Ann Cameron, Owner of Events by Stace

"Tiffanie of Bird of Paradise Events has been a significant help in the growth of my business. Being able to comfortably communicate with a trailblazer in the same industry has allowed me to express my gains and challenges while receiving another professional perspective. As a result, I have made well-thought-out changes to my business processes that align with my long-term aspirations. This creates less stress within an already stressful role. I have learned the importance of vendor relationships to grow the business and support our amazing clients. This was most important following the pandemic as events started to overlap, and it was vital to have support from other trusted professionals. She was the joining force that allowed me to feel at ease. I'm excited to continue working with Tiffanie. Thank you for all you do."

Lynsai Grimes, Owner, Journey Down the Aisle

"This next level for Tiffanie “Event Planner” & Bird of Paradise Event, is long overdue. Tiffanie has been my mentor for over 10 years. She has pushed me beyond my comfort zone, she defines “Mentor.” I look forward this learning experience. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime and you are guaranteed success in your business! There’s always an opportunity to grow and learn in this industry and I look forward to being a part of it."